Introducing the Filtreau Combi XL50 Drum Filter Gravity Fed with Built-in Rinse Pump, a state-of-the-art and low-maintenance filter system that ensures the continuous production of healthy and clear water with minimal intervention. At Howie Koi , we understand the importance of maintaining optimal water quality in your pond. The Filtreau Combi XL50 combines the power of a completely automated drum filter and a moving bed/bio-chamber, making it suitable for (koi) ponds of up to an impressive 80,000 L capacity. With this advanced system, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean and thriving aquatic environment. The Filtreau Combi XL50 is equipped with 4x inlet (110mm) and 3x exhaust (110mm) as standard, enabling a robust water flow rate of no less than 50m3/h. This high-flow configuration ensures efficient filtration, maintaining optimal water conditions for your pond and supporting the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants. This gravity-fed system offers numerous advantages that set it apart from others on the market. It features a thicker base plate (15mm) for added stability, a larger motor SPG for increased power, and a double seal to prevent leaks. The High Screen with a 120mc filtration capability ensures effective removal of debris. Additionally, the Filtreau Combi XL50 comes complete with a control box, making it convenient to operate and monitor. To further enhance water quality, the Filtreau Combi XL50 is equipped with double UV-C 40W Amalgam technology. This powerful UV-C radiation effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organisms, promoting a healthier pond environment. The inclusion of an air diffuser disc enhances oxygenation, benefiting the overall well-being of your aquatic inhabitants. The Filtreau Combi XL50 boasts dimensions of 1270mm in length, 900mm in width, and 1030mm in height, offering a spacious and efficient filtration solution for your pond. Invest in the Filtreau Combi XL50 Drum Filter Gravity Fed with Built-in Rinse Pump and experience the ease of maintaining a clean and healthy pond. With its advanced features and low-maintenance design, this system provides exceptional filtration performance while minimizing the need for daily upkeep. Choose Howie Koi as your trusted partner in the Aquatic & Pond Building trade. Explore the Filtreau Combi XL50 Drum Filter Gravity Fed with Built-in Rinse Pump today and discover how it can revolutionize your pond filtration system. Elevate your water quality and provide the best care for your valued aquatic companions. Trust in the quality and reliability of Filtreau products to create a vibrant and thriving aquatic environment. Dimensions: 1270 x 900 x 1030 mm Warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. Does not include any strainer panel(s), Quartz Glass or UV-C Lamps.