We have collectively got over 60 years’ experience with all types of aquatics, and this has led us to rear & breed some the hardest varieties to do so in captivity. Then the Koi bug struck where in 2014 we sourced our first high grade Japanese koi and the numbers of koi steady increased to that of today. With a continuing need to provide an array of koi from English to Japanese, standard grade to high-grade and from fry to 90cm we knew that in time we would soon outgrow the ponds that we have at home. The setup each year has changed and I've had to take over more of the garden but hopefully this time round we will be set up to maximise space and to make the task in hand a lot easier. In the initial days I visited the farm every other weekend and then soon became weekly and now weekly wasn't enough to keep our available stock high enough for any mid-week visits.
Our aim has always and will always remain to be to provide a quality healthy koi and at a fair price. We are hobbyists and do not rely on the sale of koi to make a living but only to cover out costs of running such a program.
One of our greatest joys is being able to provide in most cases the quality, size and breed koi that you are looking for and now with the ability to procure Japanese stock this has opened up a new market for us.
Our ponds at home total up to just short of 50,000 and at peak times we have in the region of 500 koi to choose from.
We do not only supply quality, affordable koi we are also specialists in pond design and pond cleaning and maintenance. If you are thinking of building your very first pond, upgrading your pond or have a pond problem, we are happy to give you advice and visit you if commutable. If you are not local, don't worry we can still advise you remotely and overcome any problems you may have.
We distribute filtration systems and pumps all over the UK as well as beautiful koi for your ponds.

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