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Imported Japanese & English Reared Koi
Pond Box Liners, Maintenance and New Pond Set Ups
We cover Dorset, Hampshire & Somerset
Also able to distribute across the UK

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We have collectively got over 60 years’ experience with all types of aquatics, and this has led us to rear & breed some the hardest varieties to do so in captivity. Then the Koi bug struck where in 2014 we sourced our first high grade Japanese koi and the numbers of koi steady increased to that of today. With a continuing need to provide an array of koi from English to Japanese, standard grade to high-grade and from fry to 90cm we knew that in time we would soon outgrow the ponds that we had our previous location . So in 2021 we move to Kingston Russell, just outside of Dorchester and started to build our new fish houses. Consisting of some very large tanks and one show pond of 75,000 ltrs we are finally where we want to be but every year there is plans to build more and improve our systems. During the summer our stock levels increase to holding in the region of 1500 -2000 koi with one fish house dedicated to Japanese bred koi and the second shed being our home grown English koi. Our aim has always and will always remain to be to provide a quality healthy koi and at a fair price. We are hobbyists and do not rely on the sale of koi to make a living but only to cover out costs of running such a program.
One of our greatest joys is being able to provide in most cases the quality, size and breed koi that you are looking for and now with the ability to procure Japanese stock this has opened up a new market for us.
Our ponds at home total up to just short of 50,000 and at peak times we have in the region of 500 koi to choose from.
We do not only supply quality, affordable koi we are also specialists in pond design and pond cleaning and maintenance. If you are thinking of building your very first pond, upgrading your pond or have a pond problem, we are happy to give you advice and visit you if commutable. If you are not local, don't worry we can still advise you remotely and overcome any problems you may have.
We distribute filtration systems and pumps all over the UK as well as beautiful koi for your ponds.

 Howie koi Dorset Run by a very devoted and helpful family they strive to do their utmost to help and forfill your needs weather it be a koi or knowledge in health and wellbeing of your water babies I wish I had met them alot sooner than I did Always come away happy 

Glen Baronet

 I’ve know Matthew and Euan for a couple of years now even though I’ve been keeping koi for 17 years hand on my heart I’ve become very good friends with both of them and have built up a honest and open relationship with them they give you honest and impartial advise always give you great koi and there English breed koi are top. There prices are more than fair in my opinion thank you guys for being you look forward to many happy years from you! 

Mark Inglett

 Well Done Matthew and Euan, I am sure the people who have benefitted from your help and advice will join the new group. I look forward to your expansion and as always value your friendship and advice... Good luck 

Peter Gilmour

 "I've been dealing with Howie Koi now for a couple of years and could not recommend them highly enough. Matthew is always on hand with expert advice and has been a great help on my journey as a relatively novice koi keeper. I've always had a great service when buying equipment with great prices and prompt delivery. Oh, did I say, they also have some cracking koi at affordable prices!" 

Trevor Dale

Matthew Howe

Managing Director

I've been keeping fish for 40 years and have experience in all different types of fish. Being one that loves challenges what started off as a hobby has soon outgrown our intention and now with access to over 4000 koi and also with the ability to procure from a few of the largest importers of Japanese koi in the UK, there isn't much that we can not source.

Euan Howe

Fish House Manager

"The joy in koi keeping is being able to identify young fry and to see what we can produce over the next few years of growth"

Pam Howe

Finance & Marketing Director

  • Crumble Cottage, Kingston Russell, Dorchester, DT29EE