Introducing the Filtreau Combi-2 Gravity (Moving-Bed) Filter System, a low-maintenance solution designed to provide healthy and clear water without the need for daily maintenance. With its efficient drum filter and 140L bio chamber, this system is ideal for koi ponds up to 20,000L capacity. At SKS Wholesale, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal water quality in your pond. The Filtreau Combi-2 offers two versions to choose from. Version 1 features a moving bed chamber, while version 2 is equipped with Japanese mats. Whichever version you select, you can expect exceptional filtration performance. The Filtreau Combi-2 comes standard with two 110mm inlets and one 110mm outlet, enabling a maximum water flow of 15 cubic meters per hour. Its compact design, combined with front-facing in/outlets, allows for easy installation even in narrow spaces, providing you with flexibility and convenience. For enhanced biofiltration, the Filtreau Combi-2 is designed for use with Bio Carrier Hel-X 17. This bio media provides a large surface area for beneficial bacteria colonization, ensuring efficient biological filtration and maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem. With dimensions of 1005mm in length, 920mm in width, and 555mm in height, the Filtreau Combi-2 offers a compact and space-saving solution for your filtration needs. Invest in the Filtreau Combi-2 Gravity (Moving-Bed) Filter System and experience the benefits of low-maintenance filtration. Enjoy the convenience of clean and clear water without the hassle of daily maintenance. Dimensions: Length: 1005mm Width: 920mm Height: 555mm For use with : Bio Carrier Hel-X 17