The Professional High flow Pro 30 drum filter from Kings Lynn Koi. Fed up with cleaning your filter system? Buy an automatic cleaning drum for the low maintenance system. Check out the size of this drum for this very low price compared to other makes and models available today. This high flow model for when flow rates upto 30000lph is required. 2 x 110mm inlet 2 x 110mm outlet 1 x 110mm waste outlet. Float switch for automatic cleaning via included HP cleaning pump. Built in drum bypass. 70 micron stainless steel hi flow screen. Manual clean function. Overall dimensions (excludes room for connections) 95cm x 48cm x 52cm high Drum diameter 40cm diam x 40cm. This filter also comes with a pipework as shown in the picture to connect your cleaning pump to one of the 2 outlets, and the pipework to connect to the spray bar of the drum filter. If you wish to draw water from an alternative source, please get in touch and we can adapt to suit your requirements.