Standard Replacement Drum Screen for Filtreau (Fits all Models – Filtreau, HF30, Combi Next, Combi Next 2, Combi AFTER, AEM) This drum screen is compatible with all of the Filtreau Filtration Systems listed above. The difference between the Standard replacement screen and the Hi Flow screen is that the slots in the hi flow screen are roughly twice the size allowing more flow through them. This does mean there is ultimately less plastic framing on the hi flow screens. Both the standard and Hi Flow screens are 70 micron screens. *Please note: When installing the replacement screen it is advisable to store it in a warm place or near to a radiator (not against the radiator) to ensure it is pliable enough to bend around the drum structure. If stored in a cold place, i.e. or shed prior to install it is likely to snap when installing because the plastic will become brittle. If you need advice or help fitting or are unsure what will work for your pond build or install do not hesitate to call us on 07976576391 Howie Koi Dorset carry out pond builds and alterations to ponds and are able to provide sound advice based on many years of experience or can provide you with a fitting service at additional cost and depending on location.