JPD Yamato Nishiki Koi Food is a highly nutritious floating koi food made from only natural ingredients. JPD Yamato Nishiki Koi Food is a specialist koi food that will provide the best solution to keeping your koi in prize condition. Containing natural ingredients and no artificial colours or preservatives, maintaining the health of your koi. With JPD Yamato Nishiki Koi Food a 34% protein content makes it an ideal general food suitable for all but the smallest koi. The pellets will not break up in the water and generate little waste. JPD Yamato contains Lactoferin, this increased disease resistance and also Hemathococcus, this enhances red colours. Astaxanthin is also included, this enhances the white areas. Colour Enhance Astaxanthin makes red, redder and vitamin C makes white whiter. These ingredients make a shiny beautiful body. This food is formulated with the proper quantity astaxanthin. Analysis Protein 34% Fat 7% Fiber 2.1% Ash 8.4% Phosphate 1.2% Calcium 1.4% Sodium 0.3% Astaxanthin 8 mg/Kg Vitamins A 25,000 IU/Kg D3 1000 IU/Kg E 200 mg/Kg C (stable) 300 mg/Kg RETAIL CUSTOMER? - Click HERE to buy Retail.


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