Top Growth is a complete food for koi made from very high quality ingredients. This food is composed in such a way that in addition to a very fast growth, the koi also develops a slender shape. The added natural color pigments (spirulina / astaxanthin) guarantee sharp and bright contrasting colours. In addition, Top Growth is enriched with prebiotics and probiotics to support the intestinal flora. Top Growth is a very water-stable feed, which means that discoloration of the pond water will be minimal. Composition: fish meal. wheat. fish meal juice. spirulina. corn starch. wheat germ. fish oil. krill meal. yeast. garlic. antioxidants Other characteristics: NEB minimum 70%. Analysis: Crude protein 49%, Crude Fat 8%, Dietary fiber 1.4%, Ash 10.0%, Moisture 7%, Carbohydrates 14% (of which sugar about 0.9 grams). Vitamins: A - 27,900 IU(IU)kg, D3 - 2,212 IU(IU)kg, E- 250mg/kg, C - 500mg/kg. Dye: E161j (Astaxanthin 20 mg/kg ) Trace Elements: E1- 75 mg/kg. 3b202 -5.0 mg/kg. E4 - 5.0mg/kg 6.3. E5 - 20mg/kg. E6 - 80 mg/kg 100.


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