3700gph / 16500lph flow rate Single 110mm inlet Filters to 58 micron Gravity or pump fed Designed to wash from mains pressure (down to 2 bar) 11 watts standby / 35 watts wash 12 volts DC waterside electrics Simple plug and play design Polypropolene / Stainless steel construction Totally modular – all parts user replaceable Optional bolt on wash pump (for low water pressure areas) Please contact us for delivery times as these are made to order and can be upto 4 weeks delivery.


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Filters down to 58 microns
Can be used without a pressure wash pump – wash cycle runs off a normal garden hose with a minimum pressure of 2.5 bar with good flow.
Power used when active – Standby 11.5 watts. Active 35 watts. Active with optional pressure pump 78 watts
All electrics on the drum itself are 12v DC
Drive system comprises direct gearing to the back of the drum minimising complexity, the sealed motor unit is mounted on a single pivot swing arm as a safety feature to stop foreign bodies jamming the system
Simple installation via multiple types of adaptor plate which are interchangeable
Single, pre-wired connection from controller to drum. Just plug and play
Ability to site controller up to 4 metres away from the unit
Status of controller is available via simple, high intensity, colour coded LEDs and a digital minutes between washes display
Easily accessible water level sensors that can be adjusted to accommodate any situation
All parts are modular and are replaceable in the event of any damage or failure
Wholly designed and built in the UK by DracoDrum