What is safe for humans can be harmful or potentially fatal for sensitive fish, plants and other pond inhabitants. Therefore, your pond should only be topped up and replenished with pre-filtered tap water that is free of chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals. The Oase Inline Dechlorinator is ideal for this purpose and uses high performance active carbon to ensure fresh tap water is free from any potentially harmful additives making it completely safe for your fish and plants. Simple to install, the Dechlorinator easily connects to a standard garden hosepipe via high quality metal quick-release couplings meaning you can simply link it up to your outside tap and leave until the pond is full. The Oase Dechlorinator is compact at around 50cm long so is nice and easy to store. The unit can filter an impressive 200,000 litres of tap water prior to replacement and has a maximum recommended flow rate of 500 litres per hour or around 8 litres per minute for the efficient removal of chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals. Incidentally the Oase Dechlorinator is also suitable for use with aquariums. High performance active charcoal cartridge Immediately binds chlorine and heavy metals Sufficient for the treatment of 200,000 litres of tap water 500 LPH Recommended maximum flow rate; Ideal for filling or replenishing ponds and aquariums Makes tap water safe for fish, plants, filter bacteria and other pond inhabitants Easy to use thanks to standard hosepipe connections