Profi Automatic Feeder has developed an alternative to clockwork feeders! The Profi Automatic Feeder has many applications, including Fry feeding, Feeding of koi and ornamental fish, Hobby ponds.The special mechanism of the new Profi Automatic Feeder has been taken from the established Profi Automatic Feeder, a success for many years. This mechanism ensures that the food is delivered to the fish in the required quantities, intact, and without dusting.The food is delivered by a portioning finger, which is driven by a 12V or 230V geared motor. The feeding rate is about 100g per minute according to the feed quality and size. Profi-Automatic Feeder 5 kg •alternative to clockwork feeders - unbeatable price! •suitable for fry feed up tp 9mm pellets •with comfortable LINN feeding timer •user-friendliy and reliable •including stainless steel bracket •available in 12 V and 230 V