Kusuri Masuizai ‚‚ Koi Sedate is used for the sedation of fish, reducing fish stress levels and calming fish so minor surgical procedures or mucus scrapes can be taken to identify parasites. This gentle sedation formula is safe to use and does not contain harmful Acetone. Kusuri recommend that you store this product above 13oC. Below this temperature the product will solidify, do not allow to freeze. Use 10ml per 9 litres of pond water. Fill a suitable bowl with enough water to cover the fish. Add measured dosage of Koi Sedate, and aerate with an air stone. Place fish in bowl until it rolls onto its side (normally 2-3 minutes). For euthanasia add times the recommended dose. Do NOT use with salt. Do not use below 15°C. Available in 100ml, 250 ml and 500ml bottles.


Size: *
  • 100ml
  • 250ml
  • 500ml