KEY FEATURES • Manufactured to last using latest rotational moulding process for peace of mind • Supplied with advanced K+Media, delivering enhanced mechanical and biological filtration • Economical to run. The filter has been engineered to maximise pump efficiency • The colour matches existing Evolution Aqua filters • Easy to operate and clean, with pipework, blower and multiport valve supplied. Manufactured in the UK by Evolution Aqua, the K+Advanced Filter is produced using rotational moulding process; the body is made of a single homogenous material meaning there is no joint line, the wall thickness is consistent throughout, there are no weak points, and the feet are built-in as part of the body. This means that the K+Advanced Filter is extremely durable and has the same attractive granite grey colour finish as the other filters in the Evolution Aqua family. The benefits of using K+Media have been well documented since its launch in 2019, including its ability to filter particles down to one micro. The design and profile of the media helps to improve flow, its vast protected surface area of 1,025m2 per m3, or the total area of 5x tennis courts, maintains stable bio-films and its unique manufacturing process where minerals and enzymes are added during the extrusion process, ensure K+Media matures faster than any other type of filtration media. TECHNICAL DATA Model Diameter Maximum Pond Size Optimum Flow Rate Volume Of K+Advanced Media Multiport Valve Size Max. Working Pressure K+AdvancedFilter20 20" (500mm) 18,000 Litres 4,000 UK Gallons 4,800 US Gallons 6,000 LPH 1,320 GPH 1,585 US GPH 50 Litres 11 UK Gallons 13.2 US Gallons 1½" 1.5 Bar K+AdvancedFilter24 24" (620mm) 36,000 Litres 8,000 UK Gallons 9,600 US Gallons 12,000 LPH 2,640 GPH 3,170 US GPH 100 Litres 22 UK Gallons 26.4 US Gallons 2" 1.5 Bar K+AdvancedFilter30 30" (750mm) 54,500 Litres 12,000 UK Gallons 14,500 US Gallons 18,000 LPH 3,960 GPH 4,755 US GPH 150 Litres 33 Gallons 39.6 US Gallons 2" 1.5 Bar K+AdvancedFilter36 36" (900mm) 91,000 Litres 20,000 UK Gallons 24,000 US Gallons 30,000 LPH 6,600 GPH 7,925 US GPH 250 Litres 55 Gallons 66 US Gallons