Colombo BiOx prevents Blanket Weed in a natural way and cleans your pond. Colombo BiOx is safe for fish and plants. Colombo BiOx cleans your pond with active oxygen and combats blanket weed in a natural way. When Colombo BiOx comes in contact with the water it immediately releases active oxygen. Oxygen is an important factor in any pond environment. The bacteria in the filter of the pond use oxygen during the degradation of wastes and an improved oxygen level enhances the performance of your biological filter. Due to the higher oxygen levels, your fish extract the oxygen they need more easily from the water. Due to the natural oxidation power of Colombo BiOx, biological waste and sludge are broken down and blanket weed is attacked. By adding BiOx weekly your pond stays clean and growth of blanket weed is prevented. Colombo BiOx Dosage: Weekly - 15ml per 500 litres of pond. Never pour directly onto plants. Tip: Use Colombo Algisin to remove stubborn blanket weed and prevent the growth of blanket weed with the regular use of BiOx


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  • 1.0 ltr
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  • 5.0 Ltr