Extra low installing height of only 10cm above the water level! -Individual, exchangeable screen elements of 60 micron -Controller with custom software operations including many safety options like motor slow start, motor amp protection, manual cleaning button, standard hourly cleaning, ect. -Injection molded housing made of HDPE, white parts are made of POM (polyoxymethylene, a hard and strong polymer) -48VDC Motor -Suited for pump fed and gravity fed operation (inlet chamber and drum chamber are both fitted with a mounting bracket for the float switch). Float switch can easily be adjusted heightwise -Centered position for a 40watt submersible amalgam lamp (just drill a hole for the tank connector at the centered spot) -Only 1 cable from controller from controller to drum filter (this will divide into 3 cables:Motor, float switch and cover switch). -Fitted with cover switch which cuts the power off to the motor, cleaning pump and UVC for safety.