6) Returns a) When returning a faulty/unwanted product to Howie Koi Dorset, The Customer agrees that they will notify Howie Koi Dorset by email) with enough written information to enable Howie Koi Dorset to contact you. This must include at least: i) A working telephone number ii) A valid return postal address iii) Your account name if you have one iv) The fact that this is a return, a description of the fault and what you would like us to do. v) Any returns sent to us without this information will not be processed as we will not have the details required to establish why the package has been sent to us. b) Howie Koi Dorset reserve the right to dismiss any claims of damage that are not covered by The Customer’s statutory rights. c) Howie Koi Dorset may refuse to repair, accept, replace, refund, or otherwise act upon a returned product if any of the following reasons apply to the returned item: i) Have no fault with them ii) The fault has been caused by the customer iii) The fault has been caused by any third party the customer has supplied the product to. iv) The product is out of guarantee and the fault is not covered by statutory rights. If the customer returns an item that it is not our duty to act upon and/or is not covered by statute, the customer must pay all carriage charges for getting the item to us and back from us. Howie Koi Dorset reserve the right to refuse a return if it has not been returned by The Customer that purchased the product. d) Howie Koi Dorset will make a “Re-stocking” charge of 30% of the original purchase price for items returned to us. e) Howie Koi Dorset does NOT cover the cost of returning goods, Howie Koi Dorset May refund the cost of returned goods if/when they are deemed to be Faulty & under Warranty. **IMPORTANT** As the customer it is your duty to inspect the product prior to returning it to us. You must check for user error/misuse or lack of maintenance. If a product is returned to us and simply requires cleaning or servicing you will be charged for us to do this and for any carriage charges incurred.