Pond Maintenance Cleaning is one of the most important tasks of keeping a garden pond. Without maintaining your pond properly, you will soon end up with unsightly dirty water, dead matter on the pond floor, filtration working ineffectively and continually unblocking the pump etc. One of the biggest issues we see is when pond owners clean a pond is by the removal of everything from the pond including all the filtration and giving it a good clean using a hose pipe and then jet washing the pond. Tap water is treated with chlorine and chloramines which is to kill all bacteria making it safe for us to drink, but when using tap water in a it kills all the beneficial bacteria that helps maintain our ponds by breaking down all the waste that fish excrete. So, although initially your pond will look clean, in only a matter off weeks your pond will start to change colour and worse case that you will start losing fish to harmful ammonia and nitrite. During a pond clean we will safely remove all fish, keeping them in their own pond water, removing all the water from the pond, de-sludge the pond, trim any overgrown plants and give the filtration system a good clean. But whilst doing this introducing no tap water!!! Then slowly adding new healthy dechlorinated water back to the pond using a special bit of equipment that removes all chlorine, chloramine, and metals from the tap water, and then adding the fish back to the pond. Whilst we are there we will discuss any issues that your having for example green water and suggest some improvements that you could do. Two things to consider and remember, there is never any reason for a dirty or green pond as there are always options and tap water untreated has no place in a pond for all the above reason. Prices depend on size of the pond and location, starting from £75. We are happy to discuss your requirements before carrying out any work. So please get in touch.